Scheduling Management Platform

Bring all your business critical data into one seamless UI,  this platform integrates geographical data from customer addresses with product order data to reserve the volumetric cubic space on delivery trucks for specific dates.

We make certain, you're never out of space on your truck for a delivery.

Scheduling Management Platform

The platform integrates SalesForce CRM data, web order data, Inventory management data, product shipping dimensions, customer survey responses and geo data to drive optimal scheduling of deliveries to high end clientele.

Convention Data Management
and Accreditation

Developed in partnership with George Kak Consulting the platform facilitates integrated member registration data, forum access management, attendance tracking, room capacity compliance, visual identity validation, biometric data driven security.

Multi-Dashboard Management

The Dashboard Management Module is a data Simulation module that enables users to create simulations, by connecting to data, updating, saving, previewing data visualizations, such as  graphs, maps reports on configurable dashboards.